Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 19: Beria

Sorry for no post last week. While Grant was emailing the power went out and so he was unable to send his email. Although we did get an email from the mission president informing us that Elder Hruby was called to be a senior companion! He has one more transfer left with his current companion and then he will likely be with a new companion and be the senior one. He is doing great!!!

       Dear Everyone, 
Sorry about last week! Literally as I pressed send on my email to you, lightning struck the building we were in and shorted all the computers haha. Sounded like a bomb... I thought it was sick! The weather is better today so I think we shoulld be good.

Monday and Tuesday it rained all day. It was super nice to cool down, but it flooded the roads pretty good. Monday night we didnt have power in the house so we had to take bucket showers again, but we had forgotten to fill up the water tank so we all just showered in the rain haha! Freakin Africa. Also we ate lunch at a recent converts house this week... it was sooo good. So good that I didnt even mind that much when I found a staight up chicken foot with toenails and everything in my bowl of food:) 

So transfers were last week, Elder Ipsen and I are still together in our area for 5 more weeks now. I am super stoked about that. We have been putting in work and he deserves to stay and see these families be baptized. 

This week was solid. We always have kind of an off week to start the transfer with meetings and stuff, but it was all good. I go sick yesterday night with I dont know what, but woke up at 4amand threw up then threw up again at 7. Had a fever and was super achey but started feeling better at church and was fine to go out and teach in the afternoon. Im pretty much back to normal already! 

President Kretly has made a Mision-wide goal this transfer to have a "White Christmas." Every companionship in the mission is going to baptize one complete family on Christmas Day! It is an insanely lofty goal, but thats why we are all so excited for it. To find a family and start teaching them and get the documents done and them married before Christmas is quite a task. Well, Elder Ipsen and I have already got our family. Its Joao and Zinha. They are literally the most elect family I have ever seen. Heavenly Father just did all the work on them and passed them off to us saying dont screw this up. Literally all we have to do with them is show up, thats how prepared they are. They came to church as a family with their 2 little, adorable girls. They started on the documents this morning to be married on Dec 20 and baptized on Xmas with their 8 year old daughter! Can only say its honestly a miracle!

Even before we found out about White Christmas we were super excited for this transfer because we have a lot of investigators that should be ready for baptism. We have 3 families now scheduled for the 6, 13, and 20 of December! Gonna be a great transfer.

During studies this week I had this thought come to mind. I dont really know where I was reading or what made me think this, but it was intriguing to me. Jesus Christ did His part. All we have to do is ours. We know He did everything He needed to, but what was weird to me was to think about the people born before Christ. They had to have faith not only to accept Christ in their lives and His sacrifice, but the had to have faith that He would actually do what He said He would. They didnt have the knowledge like we have now. They just had to trust in Him. Which also tied into our White Christmas goal this transfer. We all know it will be a miracle if we accomplish this, but thats the point. We just have to put more trust in the Lord and do our part, then the blessings and miracles come!  

I love you all and hope this makes up for last week! Have fun in Mexico! Until next week.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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