Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 16: Beira

Dear Everyone,

I remember sitting at home after I got my mission call reading some of the blogs of the elders already here. One of them was in his 16th week. I remember thinking that is a long time and I will be a veteran by that time... well it has been a long time, but it hasn’t at the same time. It’s difficult to explain. And I am not even close to veteran status, but I am learning! Its crazy how time drags and flies by at the same time here on a mission. I am having a good time!
Apologies in advance because this email isn’t gonna be all that exciting. This week was pretty routine. We put in a lot of work and
Elder Ipsen and I are starting to see our area grow. When we started the transfer I think we had 2 investigators with baptismal dates. Now we have 11 and probably a couple more to come this week!
We started getting a little more from and bold in our lessons because we had a lot of people flaking out on us. It seemed to pay off during the week. The lessons were a lot better, and the investigators seemed to be understanding the significance of it all. That was during the week, but yesterday was a bit of a let down. We only had 1 complete family at church and 5 total investigators. Elder Ipsen and I were pretty bummed out. And our patience was running thin again. It stunk too because we watched 2 hours of Conference this Sunday and we barely had any investigators there to see it. Watching Conference in Portuguese is pretty different. First, I still only understand about 60% of what they are saying and when they translate its even worse. Second, the translation doesn’t capture the emotion of the speakers so there is something lost there. BUT it was still nice and I am super stoked to read the talks in the Ensign!
Elder Ipsen and I were talking trying to figure out how we are going to get our investigators to church, because if they don’t come we cant keep teaching them. Obviously we want them there but we really want them to have a desire to come to church for themselves, not because the Elders asked them to. We read the talk by Elder Holland called "Missionary Work and the Atonement." It was sick! All about how this work isn’t supposed to be easy, but we need to focus on the Savior and His Atonement and help our investigators do the same. Every single thing we teach is just an appendage of the Atonement. So that’s our new focus this week. Christ and His sacrifice. We want them to develop a love for Christ and a desire to follow Him out of love, not obligation.
That’s all I really have this week, like I said a pretty standard week. The language is coming along. The house is great, except for the bucket showers when the power goes out or waking up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat cause the AC is out haha. The elders here are osum. My area is sick and all is well. I love you all!! Until next week.
 Much Love,
 Elder Hruby

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