Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 17: Beira

Dear Everyone,

Super fast week! Probably because we got 2 P-Days haha. On Thursday we got a call from President Kretly saying we weren’t allowed to leave the house all day. The results for the presidential elections were coming out and people get a little crazy if their candidate didn’t win. We played probably 5 hours of monopoly and then some phase 10. Not going to lie I definitely enjoyed an extra chill day.

After emailing last week we went and had a zone football game. It was super fun, but made me realize two things. First, Elder are really unathletic and out of shape. Second, I miss football. Probably the things I miss from home the most, other than all of you of course! But
it was a good time and I didn’t even get hurt (I know rare right?)

My comp, Elder Ipsen, is a district leader so we had to go to a leadership training on Tuesday. It was pretty solid. President Kretly gives great trainings. He talked about where the Church was 2 years ago here in Moz, and where it is now. The church has grown an insane amount. Since President has been here the mission has baptized over 400 complete families! He told us that it won’t be easy to keep this pace up, but we can definitely do it. He gave us two bits of advice that I liked. First, Never forget the basics. Applies to anything in life really. A lot of the time we get so caught up in things and tend to overcomplicate life. If we just remember the little things, attention to detail is what they called it at the Academy, everything is simplified and we can keep progressing. Second, You get what you go after. Whatever we set our goals at as a mission is what we are going to work for and achieve. We have to have a vision or the end in mind if we really want to see results. Same thing in life, I think. You can only do as good as you hope to. If you lower your expectations your results are going to drop too. Like I said, President gives sweet trainings.

It was another good week of lessons and work. We had 11 investigators at church this week and 4 complete families. That was a major step up from the previous weeks. Our main family we are focusing on in Armando and Graca. They are super sick. The first Sunday she had to work, but we taught about the Sabbath Day and she said she would ask her boss for work off on Sundays. Her boss said yes, and for some reason gave her a new stove too. Kind of random, but what a blessing. They recognized that and promised to come to church this week. They did and we watched the last 2 hours of conference. By the way the 70 that you had at stake conference was the same one that spoke in Conference. Also how sick is it that they spoke their native languages!? When the one Asian 70 was speaking I could help but think of you Courtney. I know we would have been dying together haha. But I actually understood the Elder that spoke in Portuguese, that was sick.

Anyways, we sat with Armando and Graca last night after church. It was super osum. In her opening prayer she asked Heavenly Father to make sure they could make it to church next week too! They told us how much they like the meeting and how when they heard the talks they just knew they were true words. We had a great lesson on the Holy Ghost and how he was testifying to them at church. It was nice, especially since we have been struggling to get people to church. Armando and Graca are going to married and baptized hopefully December 6th!

As always it was super osum to hear from you all! I love you tons and always look forward to hearing about your weeks. Just a heads up I may go do some shoe and tie shopping today so if I take money out of my account don’t freak out. Until next week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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