Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 18: Beira

Yesterday was 4 months exactly since I started the mission! Super weird. Things are starting to move quickly, but there are still times were it feels like time crawls by. I remember my goal was to make it to Christmas so I could Skype the family, and now that is just a transfer away... super crazy. This week was nice. We worked a lot and the Lord is really blessing our efforts and our area.

After emailing last week we went shopping in the "Go-To." As you can tell from the nickname its the missionary go-to spot for shopping. I bartered and got a pair of nice, comfortable new shoes and 5 sick, and I mean SICK new ties all for under $17! Gotta love Africa prices right?
Wednesday was Elder Ipsens 21 b-day. B-days aren’t really a big deal here and not that celebrated among the Elders, but I did buy him some cupcakes and made him a boss breakfast of eggs, sausage, and toast haha. Just working with what I got.

One of our investigators, Jenny, got mad at us this week because we hadn’t visited her in a couple days because her husband was super busy. I was trying to smooth talk her and get her to laugh but it wasn’t working. In a last chance attempt to get her to smile I jokingly offered her the ice cream cone I was eating. Freakin through me for a loop and she took it. She took the ice cream I had been licking and said she forgave me and walked off! Didn’t see that one coming at all haha. The little kids have also been loving me too lately. Every once in a while if I see a kid without a ton of other kids around I'll call him/her over and ask if they want some candy. Kinda like a creepy old man, but culturally I think its acceptable here haha. Its super funny because I call them over in cena to get there attention "eeway" just means hey you, then they get super confused when they see that it was
the white dude that said it, and even more delightfully confused when I offer them candy as long as they promise to keep it a secret. I feel like I’m buying the love of the little kids in my area haha.

As far as the work went this week it was great. It was our most successful week yet. We taught almost 30 lessons and we started the documents for marriage with 2 families, Felix/Marina and Armando/Graca. They are super SUPER osum families. They all just have great hearts and just want to do what is right. I especially love Armando and Graca. They are a really sweet couple. They actually show that they love each other, which is rare here. She is super funny. She is quiet, but always answers questions, and she is also kinda sassy with us. It’s pretty funny. We had 14 investigators at church this Sunday too! The most we have had yet. Next Monday is the end of the transfer so Elder Ipsen may be leaving, but I hope so bad that he stays so we can baptize these 2 families together next month!

I have been studying one characteristic of Christ a day for each personal study this week. The one thing I think I have figured out from this is that it doesn’t matter what the attribute is, whether its Charity, Patience, Humility, Knowledge, Diligence, etc, it all boils down to ACTION. The only way we show and prove these attributes is through our actions. And if we don’t have them and are trying to gain them, the only way to do so is through practicing, by acting. This is one thing we have been trying to get across to our investigators; that its not enough to just say you have faith. Faith is different than believing. Believing is dormant. Faith is believing enough to act and trusting that Heavenly Father will come through for you, which I know He always does, just maybe not in the timing or manner we wanted, expected, or thought. Christ set the example for each one of these attributes through actions, not through just talking about them or acknowledging that they are there. Same needs to apply to us right?

Well that’s all I got for this week. The A&M/Auburn game sounded insanely fun. Super jealous, but I love getting the low down on all the games! I Love you all and appreciate the support, emails, and prayers.

Until next week,

Elder Hruby

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