Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 71

I know Im serving a mission and all. but WE GOING TO THE SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha I think I might be more into this than you guys. My house and comp must be getting pretty tired of me. I have warned them every week so far that if BK loses I will probably cry and be in a grumpy mood all day. Good thing Bjack is a monster! P day is just that much better. Elder Ellingson's brother is playing in the state soccer tournament in Oregon so we both get on every week to see how our little brothers did first thing. Sadly his brother lost, so now we are both banking on Bjack haha.

This week was good. We baptized Millario. I dont I have actually mentioned him yet. He is a single 23 year old that has uncles in SA who are members. He is super smart and really humble and loves the Lord. He is fun to teach too. We had planned for his baptism on Saturday afternoon. We got to the chapel and hour early to prep, but the ward mission leader and some other sweet members were already there cleaning and filling up the font. About 45 minutes before the baptism the power went out and we had no water to fill the font. Good thing it was pouring rain! We grabbed all the buckets we could find and started letting the rain fill them. It was pretty frustrating and didnt seem like it was really going well. We even said a prayer and asked for some help. Right as we finished praying it stopped raining, kind of the opposite of what we had been hoping for. Without power or rain we had no way to fill the font. We had to postpone the baptism until Sunday after church. It all went well and stuff but I was pretty bugged that Saturday got all messed up. We had done all we were supposed to do, even the members had done their part this time and the investigators even showed up early. Everything was done right but still nothing turned out how it was supposed to. I was honestly a little frustrated with the Big Guy. I had a humbling moment, though. I still dont know what were supposed to learn or why it happened that way, but it doesnt really matter if I understand. God knows what is best and He knows EXACTLY what He is doing. It was a good lesson in trusting Him this week. Ironic since I was reading in Proverbs for studies and read Proverbs 3: 5-7.

So that familia from Rwanda came to church again. We didnt even visit them this week! We got permission to teach them so we may actually get to baptize them! Sick right? They speak some Swahili so tell Michael to send me some phrases so I can make them laugh.

Zone training went well. Our zone has a goal to baptize and reactivate one family before the end of the year. Big goal, but there are families ready! We talked about doing all the simple things that we know how to do. We have been taught/trained a thousand times how to be successful no its just a matter of deciding what type of missionary you want to be and doing it. I enjoyed the training, for myself too.

Well other than that I dont have much. It is getting really flippin hot again. My face got super sunburt and my nose is peeling nicely. Yup even after beeing in Africa for almost a year and a half I am still a normal white guy! Have a great week. ROLL KNIGHTS!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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