Friday, November 13, 2015

Week 70

Was a week of firsts. I rode bikes for the first on my mission. I taught a Restoration lesson in English for the first time. And we had another family come to church for the first time. Id say it was a good week. oh and of course Bjack won his first playoff game!

So the area I am in is pretty far from the house, the closest part being a good 30 min speed walk, and the area goes on forever. I dont actually know where it ends,but lets just say Ive walked 2 and a half hours from the house without reaching the limits. To be a bit more effective on days when we have a lot of lessons, we started using our bikes. This is the only house that has had working bikes so Im taking advantage of it. It has been nice. The only 2 negatives are the even more never ending attention to the white guy, cause now he is on a bike woo hoo!, and Im pretty sore because Ive become a fatty, but other than that I love the bikes.

This family we taught in English is from Rwanda. They are refugees. They speak dialect, French, and English so thats why we had to teach them in English. It was super fun. I sounded like a babbling idiot because Ive never taught the gospel in my own language haha, but I loved it. I was too nervous to pray aloud in English so I made Elder Ellingson say the opening prayer haha. Im gonna have to work on that before I come home. The family, Charles and Grace, came to church yesterday as well. We luckily had a member in Elders Quorum and Relief Society that spoke enough English to translate for them. I dont know exactly where we are going to go with this family since they dont speak tha native language, we will to ask Pres. The good news is they are already legally married.

This week we also had our mission leadership meeting. It was decent enough. But Pres always seems to end with a bang. Just something that leaves you thinking and wanting to do better. I like that about him. Two things that stuck out to me where: time is really just a question of preference, and its better to change the lives of a few people, rather than just barely touch the lives of many. Like I said he leaves you thinking.

Tomorrow we have our zone training. Ellingson and I are actually going to use some of the stuff that Dad sent me 2 weeks ago in the 4th Missionary. So thanks for that! Hopefully it goes well. The zone is picking up slowly but surely so thats good news.

Well the weeks keep on rolling by. Im excited for Thanksgiving! We are gonna make a bomb lunch! And skype is just around the corner! Time is such a trip. I love you guys and love that life is going good for my family! Have a good week and Roll Knights haha.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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