Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 46

This was one of those fast weeks. We were running around a bit, and had some things that were not part of our normal schedule so it was an eventful week. We had 2 trainings this week, 1 for me as district leader, and the other for me and Elder Green as trainer/trainee. Then on Saturday I got to do a division with Elder Ipsen since he is my zone leader now! We walked in my area so basically it was like a flashback to October-January when we were comps... it was osum! I love that guy.
Last Monday we did a family night with some of our recent converts. When the missionaries come over for family night it's kinda a big deal to them, so they go all out. We brought our little portable dvd player and watched the 20min version of the Restoration and of course they loved it. I can't help but laughing as we are sitting in a mud, stick, dirt, cement mix house with members sitting in plastic lawn chairs and on the floor as we all stare at this nice little dvd player. It's ironic to me, but man do I love it! Afterwards, we ATE. Clara made cakes and fish and fries and all good stuff. Usually we bring a cake too just to help out. I've made a fair amount of cakes now. They aren't great but I know how to make them and they taste good, but this time I kind of procrastinated and was rushed so I pulled it out before it was
ready and it was super doughy in the middle... I got ripped apart by
the members. I will probably never hear the end of how "Elder Hruby doesn't know how to cook hahaha." Ya it sucked a little, but I guess I deserved it for waiting so long.

We got the process opened for Armando e Graca this week!!!! They will be married on June 6 and baptized on the 13th! I'm super stoked about that. Me and Ipsen found them in our first week together back in October! All the rest of our families are progressing really well, just fighting for documents and money. They'll get there soon enough, the goal is 4 more families next transfer!

Me and Elder Green are doing well. He has good energy and desire to work hard so thats nice that I don't have to drag him. It is weird
being a trainer. You notice every little thing that you do wrong and
its a responsibility not to corrupt a young missionary. Im doing my
best though haha.

Well that's all I got this week. I love you all. Have a good week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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