Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 45

Dear Everyone,

A good week of work! Skype was refreshing and I was a little reenergized by seeing you all so this was a nice week. Last Pday we really didnt do much. I basically just helped Elder Douglas study math since he is taking a placement test for Michigan State. He goes home in 4 weeks. Other than that we just rested at the house.

This week I had a mission leadership training. We went to the Senior couple's house and used GoTo Meeting to video conference with President and all the other District and Zone leaders in the Mission. It was President's last training he said. So he talked for like 3 hours, mostly about working hard, transitioning well with our new Pres, and leaving a legacy. As always, it was a good training. Our new, new Mission Pres will be Joni Koch. He is a younger guy, 50, and is already in the area presidency as a 70 in Brazil. kinda a boss. Don't know a ton about him, but Pres Kretly and the senior couple know him and are really excited to have him, so I think it'll be good.

I was breaking in a new pair of shoes this week since my other ones ripped, that was definitely the worst part of the week. They were Satan's shoes. At one point I had 8 blisters on my feet haha. It's all good now, they are broken in after a good 70 miles of walking. Blisters were worth it though because we had a really successful week. We had 8 FAMILIES at church yesterday with 21 investigators in total! Second most I've had on the mission so far. I'm super stoked about how the area is going!

We have 3 main families that we are focusing on, with 6-7 others that are slowly making their way. The 3 main ones are Armando e Graca, Maitene e Sandra, and Olivio e Francisca. Armando e Graca are basically done with documents, just have to go turn them in and they will be married June 6 and baptized June 13. The other 2 families are running around trying to get documents done in time to get married and baptized on the 13 as well! Possibly another 3 family transfer... that would be insane!

Cool little Africa moment for you... I saw a crocodile this week. Yes, he was alive. he was about 3 feet long, just a little baby. A member fisherman caught him in the river. He said he saw the mama and she was about 5-6 meters long he said! I wanna go back out fishing with him and go crocodile hunting now! I wanted to hold the little guy, but the member said no cause the crocodile was being feisty, kinda bummed, but hey gotta love Africa right?

Well I love you guys, have a good week, talk to you next Monday!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Finally some pictures!!! Man we've missed those DIMPLES <3

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