Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 41

This was a solid week. Got a lot of work done. The big news is we got Vasco e Josefina married! We freakin showed up to their little house with our Bishop, the Second Counselor, and his wife. Bishop ran the show with the marriage book and the counselor and his wife signed it as witnesses and our family was married sitting in plastic chairs in a little house without power so we used phone flashlights to sign the book. Talk about a dream wedding! In all honesty that really is like a dream wedding for every missionary here. Super simple and easy and now all the focus is on the baptism!

Other news. We ran around all week trying to get documents done for 2 more families so that they can get married with Vasco e Josefina on May 2. We got all we needed done, now we just have to see if everything turns out well. If so, we will have 3 complete families baptized on May 2! How sick would that be? We have been going really hard and its starting to pay off. Just got to keep going now.

There really isnt much else to tell about the week because we were so busy in the area, which is a good thing. Sorry for not writing yesterday, the entire city of Beira has been without internet for 2 days. They are still out of it now, but we found a little shack with 4 computers and they have a hotspot thing from one of the cell providers so I think we are the only 2 Elders who actually have emailed still in Beira. Your welcome.

Been hearing some rumors about South Africa. They are attacking any foreigners? My source of news is word of mouth, but those mouths are Mozambican so I cant exactly tell whats made up and exaggerated haha. Dont worry, though, Mozambicans adore us American missionaries, they will protect us.

Still moving through the NT. Ive realized that Paul is a boss. In basically every chapter he writes at least one or two verses that are super sweet. He gives a lot of quotable scriptures for sure. Thats all I really had to say about that, though, nothing deep or inspirational haha sorry.

Well I love you guys. Hope you have a good week. I get to watch Conference this Saturday andSunday and on Friday we have Zone Conference so should be a really good week. Until next Monday.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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