Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 40

40 seems like a legit number. I still feel kind of like a new kid on the mission, though. I dont really know how time is going by. I cant tell if its fast or slow or normal or what, but I do know its good. This week was a solid one. Got some good stories for ya, but some may be a bit more appropriate for a post-mission story session haha.

On Friday night we were walking home around 845 and we found this gym in our area. By gym I mean like a concrete enclosure with a few weights in it. As we were walking in to check it out a couple teenage guys kind of made fun of us as we were walking in so I called them over. I basically called them out and said if you are gonna make fun of the white guys lets see if you can back it up. We had a lifting contest. We walked in and went to the bench press. I just put all the weights they had on it, but I didnt exactly know how much it was since its in kilos. The kid chickened out when he saw the weight but I had to prove my point and lift it. I got it 3 times. It was 100 kilos which is like 221lbs or something like that so that was my self esteem boost for the week that I can still lift a little. But of course of all the weeks of my mission Bjack sends me his "stats" this week telling me how much he can bench, now I feel like a little kid again... youre a freak of nature dude.

So good news. Our work may be starting to pay off. Fingers crossed. We started working with Vasco e Josefina again and looks like they are just going to go ahead and sign the marriage documents without the parents approval and get baptized! Also Saite e Melita and Alexandre e Bete are super close. We are just in the home stretch with their documents. They both have some tricky situations, but if everything goes well we could get 3 families baptized the last week of the transfer on May 2! Let the parayers keep on coming!

Tuesday was Dia Das Mulheres here. Essentially Mothers Day. Apparently its a huge party day and all the woman get drunk, but we had a HUGE rainstorm that flooded every single road with about a foot of water... it was sick! So sadly I dont have any crazy stories from the Holiday.

Hey you guys realize we get to skype again in like a month!? Im stoked! Get to see all your beautiful faces.

Well Not much else for this week. Love you guys lots and love hearing about life! Until next week.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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