Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 7: MTC

Hello Everyone,

I have to admit this week was pretty long, and I am a little bummed I am writing you from the MTC still. None the less, I am still learning a lot and have been able to keep a decent attitude most of the week. I am super sorry for no mid-week pictures. I honestly thought I sent some. It's hard to keep track of what I have done this week or if I did that the week before since it's like Groundhog Day here haha. I will be sure to send some soon. I kind of got everything thrown at me this week which made it seem longer I think. Friday they told us we hadn't received any visa news so I knew I would be here at least another P-Day. My knee and back have been giving me fits this week so that stunk. And then to top it off I am sick. I think its just a cold but I am super achy and congested :( With all of that said, this week was still pretty decent haha!

We had a really good devo Tuesday about the difficulties and trials of a mission (very applicable to me right now I thought) but how a mission is so full of joy and it always ends up worth the work. I enjoyed that and needed it. Two things he said that I really like were that we first, have to expect miracles on our mission. If we are faithful, obedient, and do our part we need to expect miracles. Second, we have to let God love us. Found that one a little different. Normally we always ask for help and the things we need from God, but when we get down its really easy to tune Him out and get angry. If we let God love us it is impossible to feel alone.

The 4 of us who are waiting on our visas have been put with a class that has been here for 2 weeks less than us. We teach lessons to role-playing missionaries, but no investigators. Instead, the 4 of us teach the other missionaries language lessons. So we go through a concept a day and teach in Portuguese. It probably helps me learn the language more than them but I am ok with that. The language has really been coming along lately. We taught a skype lesson with a married couple who are members from Brazil. They served their mission together in Moz and got home last year. I got paired with an Elder who isn't very good at the language so I had to talk A LOT during the skype lesson. It was so fun though! When they get excited or are telling a story and start talking fast I don't understand a lot, maybe 30% but from context I can usually put it together enough to reply. When they go slow its about 70% so thats fun. It is really gratifying when you end the lesson and hang up and realize you have been talking to them in Portuguese for 30+ minutes.

For scripture study I have just been reading random chapters or other topics from Preach My Gospel. I think my two favorite from this week we Alma 32 and 42. 32 talks all about faith and the 5 steps to getting it/keeping it. 1.Have a hope for something better  2.Experiment on that hope, using the words and guidance God has provided  3. Plant the seed  4. Nurture and nourish the seed  5. Endure and receive the blessing of faith. Ch 42 talks all about Jesus Christ's Atonement. Maybe my favorite chapter in the whole Book of Mormon. It explains why we need the Atonement and how it satisfies the demands of Justice with Mercy. Really sick!

Fun stuff from the week: Elder Woolley and I took my hammock up to the sand volleyball courts one day during gym time and hung it up in a tree. It was about 10ft off the ground, so we only sat in it one at a time, but it twas osum!!! During the temple walk on Sunday we went under the shady trees behind the temple and took naps for like 45 minutes. That was also very lovely. Weighed myself after bball yesterday and I was down to 195.5 haha. Still too big for my body but not in the 200's anymore so that's good. 

Mom I did get g-lou's bday card with the money. Thanks Ga-ma!!!! Bjack hope your busy schedule is treating you right! Keep killing it! Court, its so cool that you are starting teaching. I so wish I had you as a teacher. Your students are beyond lucky! You'll get in a groove so the schedule won't be so overwhelming I'm sure! And Dad, I say you just deal with the cars you have and save all the money for my Raptor when I get home! Yup, that sounds like a solid plan.Meg and Ken, I love you and am super jelly of the Maui pics! Well I love you all and feel your love, support, and prayers! Hopefully the next time you here from me is over the phone. The travel office said they have 3/4 visas and are just waiting for the last one. They think we should be out of here this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love,
Elder Hruby

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