Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 6: MTC (unexpectedly)

On Friday we found out that Elder Hruby had a change in plans. He was scheduled to leave for Mozambique on Sunday with the other Elders in his group, but unexpectedly his visa was delayed. He was a bit bummed but has a great attitude! He his hoping to get everything worked out soon and has a feeling it will because they are keeping him in the MTC rather than sending him stateside for awhile. 

Well I had expected to be writing this email from some humid, hot, sweaty, musty, no-AC cafe somewhere in lovely Mozambique, but the only consistent thing in life is change right? No worries though, I am just as happy to be writing you from here as I would be to write you from anywhere! It has been kind of weird and sad to watch all the rest of the Elders and Sisters leave this week. I said good-bye to the 4 Elders going to Mozambique on Sunday morning. That kind of sucked since I was supposed to be going with them, but I will be seeing them in zone conferences in Moz. Also, this Sunday was the best one I have had here. So relaxing and peaceful. It almost felt like a Sunday back home. Got to love the tender mercies from the Lord. Then this morning I woke up at 230 to say good-bye to all the Cabo Verde missionaries. That one was pretty sucky since I won't see any of them for at least 2 years. Just in the 5 days since I found out I wasn't getting my visa and wouldn't be leaving the MTC for a bit, I have learned two really valuable lessons. First, it is so much easier to talk about putting your trust in God than actually doing it and believing He has a plan for everything. Second, you really never can realize your impact on others.

Optimism is not really my strongest attribute so hearing that I didn't get my visa was rough. I was so pumped to go. Looking back through my journal the last week literally every day said something about how excited I was to get to Moz. Luckily Heavenly Father knows my struggle and has been helping me out. He has made me laugh and I have been just in a good mood the past couple of days. Then, yesterday Irmao Nielson had us teach him a lesson about how to deal with change. How we can feel comforted with it and how to adapt. It was perfect. As we were teaching/discussing I realized I was basically teaching myself. It was all things that I needed to hear. Heavenly Father was just setting it up so I didn't notice right away. The main thing we talked about was trusting in God. There are a lot of solid scrips about it, but I found a few that just made everything clear. I think they mean the most if you read them in this order. John 14:18  Mosiah 24:14  Alma 36:3  2 Nephi 32:9.

I never like saying goodbye so I usually either just don't or I make it really short. I think its because I am such a baby and know I will get emotional way too easily haha. So I didn't really say much to the Elders as they have left this week, just a hug for some and saying bye. I found note Elder Couch hid in my drawer before I left, and Elder Mortensen gave me one too this morning. In 6 weeks I have not felt like I have done much for them or been that much of an influence. We all do the same things together everyday so to me we all are kind of the same. Apparently they thought differently. It really is so crazy to see other people's perspectives. As cliche as it is you honestly don't know your own impact. It makes even more sense to me as I think about my three teachers I have had here. They will never know to the extent in which they have affected me, taught me, and helped me. 

Other random notes for the week: Finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday, which means I read from cover to cover in 3 days under my 6 week goal. Taught a member from Brasil over Skype on Friday. It was osum! I was able to really converse with him and understand a majority of what he said!  We gave Belchoir a Mozambique shirt that we all signed and got him to cry! It was lovely haha. I have moved into the room next door with Elder Woolley and Elder Ball. We are good, just all anxiously waiting for more news on the visas because we have been told nothing. Better news, I got my hair fixed today hahaha! It is just dandy:) Well I love you all! Have bomb weeks.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

The Mozambique Elders with Irmao Belchoir (their awesome Portuguese teacher from Mozambique)

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