Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 4: MTC

Essentially an entire month of my mission is over! That is a crazy thought. This week went by so fast. It honestly feels like I was typing my last email to you all two days ago! I guess it is better than time dragging by. Twas another good week, though.

Last Tuesday night we had a devotional. The speaker was John Groberg. AKA the Elder who the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" is about! It was pretty dope to say the least. He is a great speaker. The main emphasis was that we are called to bear our testimonies. Because of the truths we know and the Gospel we have been blessed with we have an innate responsibility to share that through our testimonies. 

Wednesday we had a little bit of a talking to from our teachers. They had noticed that over the past week our district was just kinda not there. We were not fully engaged and didn't have the greatest attitudes. They were nice of course, but it was kind of needed. We got to refocus and the rest of the week went great because of that. It's funny, I haven't been at all homesick this entire time, except Wednesday night. It was such a nice night and we did our last hour of personal study outside from 830-930 so I was able to see how nice it was and the mountains and all that. Nice nights are my weakness I guess. But then it rained a couple times this week (as you can see from the pictures) so it's all good.

Thursday was a pretty routine day but good. Irmao Belchoir told us story about Mozambique for like an hour. He had us dying!!! The best two were when he was telling us how the bathrooms are. He explained how its just a small hole in the ground you pop a squat over, and that if its windy the hut you're in may fall over and you may just have to waive at people as they see you doing your business hahaha! The second one was when he was like 10 years old he was told by his parents to never swim at a certain spot in the river. Of course one day all his buddies wanted to go there so he did. He decided not to swim and just watch so he obeyed his parents. One of his friends jump of a small cliff into the river and landed right on a crocodile. He was eaten. Sad story but the way he told it was hilarious. He said everyone ran away but then he asked "You know what I did?" From the back of the class I said "Saved him of course" He looked at me, laughed, and said, "Are you crazy!? I was the first one that made it back home!" 

Friday I weighed myself and I almost felt some shame haha. I have gained a little over 8lbs. I weigh 201 and some change! The fattest I've ever been!!! There are three reasons I don't quite feel guilty yet. First, my companion has gained over 20 lbs and three other Elders I hang with have gained 15+lbs. Second, during basketball I can hang on the rim again, which I haven't done since like my junior year. And third, I'm going to Africa! I may never eat this good again for the next 2 years!

Saturday was routine but the lesson was good. We learned to answer questions using the scriptures and to just take our time and let the Spirit prompt us to the right scriptures. So we practiced and one of the Elders asked me a question and I immediately started thinking about turning to a specific scripture. As I was turning two completely different scriptures popped into my head that I didn't really know, but I decided to turn there. They were so much better at answering the question than what I had planned it was osum!

Sunday was Fast Sunday. We fasted until 530 which is a long time for me when I wake up at 615 to got to Zone Leader meetings! But it wasn't too bad. Honestly I was never that hungry. Probably because I got enough fat on me that my body could run on that for a while. Got to wear our matching ties Dad! We went to the Joseph Smith film in the evening, but we went to the Portuguese version. It was so fun, but I only understood about 25% of it. Got some work to do haha.

Monday we got to host the Senior Missionary couples all morning. It was a nice break from the routine and fun to talk to all of them. I saw the Roses and talked to them for a minute or two. That was neat. The rest of the day was pretty standard. Oh except it poured last night and we all went outside to just get out of the classroom. We ended up getting soaked, but it was a nice little tender mercy. We all needed a little fun.

Well that was my week. I love hearing about all of yours so thanks for the emails. Court, Cabo sounded like a blast and a half! The pics were osum. Can't believe next Sunday I'll be 19! Also I'm not for sure but I think we are leaving August 17, nextnext Sunday. They gave us a card that says 17 not 19 on our mailing address so IDK, but that would be SICK!!!!!!! Anyways, I love you all and miss you! Have a great week and I will talk to you next Tuesday!

With Love,
Elder Hruby

Playing in the rain...even missionaries have fun sometimes

The aftermath of the rain

Saluting Elder Hruby because he is kind of a big deal and was a Cadet

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