Sunday, July 6, 2014

We're gonna go to....Africa?

Welcome to Elder Grant Hruby's mission blog! Elder Hruby has been called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Mozambique, Maputo mission. Elder Hruby will be serving from July 2014-July 2016 (give or take a few weeks). He is very excited to be serving the Lord and spreading the Gospel to the people of Mozambique. Throughout his mission his sister Courtney and mom Stefanie will be keeping friends and family updated on Elder Hruby's adventures in Africa via this mission blog.

A couple of years ago Grant got his wisdom teeth out and was nicely affected by the pain medications. He had a lot to say and as such we made sure the camera was rolling. Some of what he had to say made sense, but most did not. In his ramblings he managed to ask my mom if she wanted to go on a trip with him. She asked him, "Where are we going to go?" and Grant's reply was, "We're gonna go to....Africa." When Grant received his mission call in March, we proceeded with the obligatory guesses from family members and friends as to where Grant was going to be called. The majority of the guesses landed in Europe. However, within seconds of opening his call and learning he was going to Mozambique, his comment was, "Of course I'm going to Mozambique. I can't see myself going anywhere else." So I guess his medication induced ramblings a few years ago were somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. Elder Hruby is going to Africa and could not be more excited about it.

10,301 Miles doesn't look all that far on this map.

"Coolest piece of paper I've ever held!"

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