Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 2: MTC

Got another amazing email from Elder Hruby today! 

Another week down! Not that I am already counting them down, but just another week of work and accomplishments down. I brought my journal with me to the computers this week so hopefully I can give some more details about life. I am planning on just writing every email the same way; go day by day and then whatever else I want to say at the end. If you all have better ideas let me know!

Wednesday was pretty uneventful, mostly just class and eating. We did get a second teacher, Irmao Nielson. He is probably the most kind, soft-spoken, genuine man I have ever met. Elder Ence (yes Courtney he is going to Mozambique, along with another companionship in my District and 4 others in the zone) and I taught Carlos our fourth lesson. He said he is excited about baptism, but we had to teach him the Word of Wisdom which he struggles with. All the new missionaries arrived Wednesday and it actually made me more sad/homesick than getting dropped off myself. Good thing the feeling only lasted for the afternoon. Thursday was the one month mark until we leave for AFRICA! We taught Carlos our fifth and final lesson. He said he wasn't ready to be baptized on the date we set because of his Word of Wisdom problems, but he is determined to get over them and be baptized. We found out that Irmao Belchoir, our Mozambican teacher, was a UN Diplomat in high school!!!!! That is crazy. He is so humble. In the dorms we had a rap battle that night. It was Mormon style of course, but I may have accidentally let "Gay" slip... oops! Friday I wrote this in my journal, "Today the mission got real." We got our third teacher, Irmao Rodrigues AKA Carlos! When he walked in we were all like OHHHHH! We all felt so embarrassed because we know we butchered Portuguese in our lessons haha. Anyways, it got real because he taught us how to really know what we should be study, learning, preparing, planning, teaching, etc. I really felt for the first time I had solid guidance on what I should be focusing on here. Saturday was also pretty uneventful. Had a teacher both morning class and afternoon class, so I was productive. The evening class my head was toasted so I was struggling to focus, but it was nice to get a couple laughs in with the other Elders.Sunday was great, only bad thing is I am always starving on Sundays. Elder Ence and I got called to be the new Zone Leaders! So now we are responsible for 5 Districts instead of me being responsible for just 1. The Zone totals around 25 Elders and Sisters. The devotional was from T.C. Christensen, the guy who directed Ephraim's Rescue and 17 Miracles. It was about the Pioneers. There was a quote that I wrote down that reminded me of you Dad, and how you always encourage me to "Be Great." The quote is, "Great moments happen when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY." Hit me like a train. I know there are going to be more opportunities in Mozambique/Swaziland than I can imagine, but the only way they become great moments where the Lord can take hold and bless those opportunities is if I prepare here. It was a great motivator to refocus. We had a Devotional debrief as a district and I mentioned that quote and how outside of the mission in life I selfishly just want to be significant and do something significant. I said that how that quote made me realize what I have to do. Elder Couch responded to me and made me tear up. He told me I was already significant to the District  and Zone and that he felt I was a great example. Shows you how good the Elders are here. Yesterday was again a little bland. Just two teachers for class, so by the time evening class came around I was beat.

So I know that is a lot, but other random stuff is fun to tell you all as well. The Elders think I am like a mini hulk or workout guru it is osum! My workout buddy is Elder Nate, the big D End from Wyoming. Trying to get in better shape since im up to 196lbs! Bball court opens tomorrow so that should be good. Can't think of anything else for the week... until next Tuesday then! I love you all.

With Love, 
Elder Hruby

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