Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 99

Greetings from the Kingdom of Swaziland!

Sorry for the late email, but I am writing you from Swazi. We are down here for zone conference tomorrow. Elder Stanley and I had a dope trip down. We left this morning around 8, but as we were leaving we realized our passports were at the office so we had to go into the city to grab those and with traffic we ended up leaving the city at 9 haha. To make it a real road trip we stopped in at the gas station and I bought us 2 bags of chips, 2 packs of cookies, 2 muffins, some bakery bread, and of course... a 2L of Coke baby! The drive was beautiful. It is probably the coolest road trip in the world. We got into Swazi about 1pm (I can use normal time now since thats how they do it in Swazi), and went to a local sushi place seeing as it is our Pday we decided to treat ourselves... beyond good! I ordered a 2 person platter but downed it alone, 23 pieces of sushi.

This whole week is gonna be crazy. We are here until Wednesday morning, then back up to Maputo. We get 1 day in our area, then Thursday we have zone conferece with the Maputo/Matola zones, then right after we drive to the airport with Pres e Sis Koch to fly up to Beira. We will be in Beira untilSunday evening! Im stoked to get 1 more chance up there. It'll give me the opportunity to talk to all the people we are going to visit and mark some visits with them! Crazy week... doesn' t really compare to Dad's travel schedule, but its an honorable mention.

This past week was solid. Each day was very standard. We knocked out several visits and got in the area a decent amount. We did spend a couple of hours finishing up our zone conf presentation, its pretty sweet. We are talking about how to find new investigators. We divided it up into 3 points; Referrals, Part-Member Families, and Contacts. And since all the best things are done in 3 we made a sweet, kinda funny, video to show. Its got the 3 stooges, a flea flicker from the Saints, mickey mouse 3 musketeers, the 3 amigos, a sick big 3 highlight with wade throwing an off the backboard alley oop to king James, and Steph Curry reinging a 3. Don't worry we are gonna transition it into a spiritual training, but we needed an attention grabber haha.

Fun story this week. Saturday the Secretaries had 3 baptisms so we went to support and help out. The font stopped filling up just below knee level so we needed more water. Well the Sisters brought their entire water storage done and we emptied it into the tank. I got a nice video of it. We emptied 74 5L bottles... thats 370L of water! It took us like 10 minutes. Good news is it made the baptisms possible and everything ran smoothly. Its these kind of stories that Im gonna miss!

Crazy that school is out! I still feel like Im a year from coming home... which I think is a good thing, but don't get me wrong Im super stoked to see you all! 2 more emails and thats it... weird. Life gets real. Have a great start to the summer!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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