Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week 22: Beira

Dear Everyone,

Another one down. This week went by fast and I expect this whole month to do the same since we have so much extra stuff going on. We got 4 investigators baptized this last week, Rudolf and Dercia (who are siblings), Lucia (whose 2 olders siblings were baptized last year), and Moda. I got to personally baptize Rudolf. It is a really good feeling being in the water and baptizing someone you found, and taught from the beginning. It was a good week. Always nice to see the "fruits" of your labors ya know? This upcoming week should be even better with 5 more baptisms, inculding our fmaily Felix e Marina and their 2 daughter Nela and Zelinha! Elder Ipsen and I are really enjoying ourselves right now.

For how good this week was I dont have much to tell. We have sat with drunk people before and they are always a bit entertaining but we usually just invite them to church and leave pretty quickly so we don't waste our time, but this week we sat with this drunk guy who was too funny not too talk with. We sat with him for 15 minutes and the whole time he just kept trying to hold my hand and kept getting in a staring contest with me say "I can read your eyes, dont lie to me." Pretty good laugh. Also there is the new lady we found in our area who I guess just really doesnt like the missionaries. I figured that out after she walked by a laid a nice solid smack on my arm. I just laughed it off cause in all honesty its pretty funny, but she did have some force behind the hit. 2 days later we saw her in the market and I looked and Ipsen and said "oh joy, here comes another one" sure enough as we passed here she laid a nasty slap on my shoulder. It hurt, but the thing that made me mad was she only swung on me, she just walked right by Elder Ipsen. I dont know why her disdain is only for me, but she is getting stronger and the hits are getting closer to my face, so maybe next week I will have an even better story for you!

The area is going really good right now. The Lord definitely has His hand in our work. Super grateful for that. Like I said we had 4 baptisms this past week, 5 more to come this week, and 6 more by then end of December! So lucky! We sat with a new family this week Jeranimo and Suzette. They have 3 boys; Michelle 15, Shelton 4, and Jeranimo 2. We had two super solid, spiritual lessons with them, which is actually kind of rare because we always have so many noises and distractions and have to teach so simply that for me at least its hard to feel a strong spirit, but it was present with them. They came to church and loved it. Suzette even bore her testimony during Sacrament Meeting. We passed by last night and Michelle was telling us how much he liked church and then asked if Elder Ipsen and I are going to come over and celebrate X-mas with them at there house! It was super sweet.

This week I read a lot in the book "Jesus the Christ." I don't know exactly what to share from that, but I learned a lot. I think it is a book that you just have to read yourself because it makes a lot more sense and means more, but I will say that it was nice. I am super thankful for our Savior and all that He did for us. It is impossible to comprehend exactly what He did, but good thing we dont have to. All we have to do is recognize that He did, and follow Him. Life is so much easier with the Savior on our side. I cant imagine trying to go through the trials life throws at us without having someone like Him to carry me through them.

Thanks for the love, prayers, and emails. You all are the best. I love you. Until next week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Elder Hruby and Elder Ipsen with a family they baptized

This is Elder Hruby and some other Elders with Rudolf. Elder Hruby got to baptize Rudolf :)

Elder Hruby and Elder Ipsen with a family they are teaching

An inappropriately large caterpillar 
A picture of the "19 year-old boy version of Thanksgiving dinner when you are living in Africa"

Thanksgiving dinner

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