Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 9: Maputo

Dear Everyone,

This week was crazy so i am bound to forget somethings, but i will tell you all i remember! It has been soooo much fun here! It is really impossible for me to explain all that has happened and what this place is like. it is the most eye-opening, unreal, crazy experience. this place is like one giant party all the time. there are always people everywhere always doing something, but then there are always a ton of people just sitting around doing nothing. its literally insane in Mozambique... but i freakin love it! The people are welcoming and happy. they are dirt poor and still smile. it is so weird to see which things they have and what they don't. they have to prioritize what they want so its funny to see what they choose to have. a phone or chairs for the house? pots and pans or shoes? after a week here my mindset has completely changed. cultural stereotypes are soooo off most of the time. I am convinced that God sent these people here, to these lives, to this poor, dirty place because He knew they could handle it... unlike if He had sent me here for my whole life. greatest mission in the world because we have the greatest people!

So i am still in Maputo. Tuesday we went to the embassy and found out about my missing papers. when they called you mom, i was upstairs and you were on speaker phone so i heard your voice and heard you talking with elder Poyfair. it kind stunk, because i knew i couldn't go down there, but i wouldn't close the door cause i wanted to hear you. Wednesday i moved into the Maputo 1 house. there were already 4 elders living there, and i joined one of the companionships. NONE of them are American and only one speaks English, but he is from South Africa so i honestly understand him better in Portuguese haha! needless to say my Portuguese has been forced to get better this week and luckily the big guy upstairs has been helping me out. I got to see elder Ence on Wednesday as well! he come to the mission home to do some paperwork too. that was great. he is loving it here too. The rest of the week i have been a real missionary! WE WALK SOOOO MUCH!!!! the least amount we have walked in a day has to be around 10 miles. good thing my shoes are comfy and you hooked me up fatty style with 4 new inserts. thanks for that! luckily we get to ride in chapas sometimes. they are just van taxis. it is hilarious how many people we pile in those. its meant to hold 11 people and we easily pack 20+ in at times. i'm laying all over people and people on me. getting rid of my personal bubble real quick here. oh my comps names are elders carvalho and barrossa both from Brasil. elder carvalho is a stud and really fun to hand with. elder barrossa is hilarious. he is sooo femi and always is fixing his outfit or hair or washing his face or brushing his teeth for the 6 time that day or putting gel in his hair. its so funny. they are both good guys but again they don't speak a word of English so its fun trying to communicate, but its getting better. i love teaching lessons, because we walk so far to teach them its nice when we actually get to teach and talk about the gospel. i don't say that much because there are 3 of us and both of them are obviously fluent, but i have been able to say a little more each day and lesson and its fun for me. our investigators are osum! we have one family who was literally full up Muslim 3 weeks ago but has thrown it all away and committed to a baptismal date and have prepared to get legally married! this morning we opened the marriage process for another one of our families which was great! it is really amazing when families commit to following the law of chastity and get legally married, because it cost so much and is not an easy process it shows how much faith and dedication they have! Saturday we had family night. we held it at a members home and invited all our investigators. we ha 34 people there! most of the pics are from there! the kids are so osum. and they love missionaries. every we walk you here little kids say two things. 'chou' which is like a whats up but you have to say it with a thumbs up so we return it the same way, and they all love saying 'molongos! molongos!' which means the whites! the whites! haha its great. we had a short spiritual thought for family night then we played games. they are crazy! Sunday was a good change of pace. church is cool here. obviously the same things happen but it is different here at the same time. a lot more kids just running around, its hot and stuffy, but the singing is osum and the people are so happy to be there. especially cause some walk like 4 miles to get there. when we were walking back from chruch it was us 5 elders and 5 other young men like 15-22 years old. we were walking in the street and we took up basically all the pavement. it would have made a perfect missionary postcard. we taught 4 lessons Sunday afternoon/evening so we were busy, but again its really fun teaching.

Lets see what other fun stuff...? i tried to teach my comps what lax is in Portuguese and show them how to use the fiddle stick, that was an outright mess haha! i got punched in the back of my legs by a mentally challenged guy on the street, but it was no biggy just funny really. the people here either love us or are afraid of us. some people like to pretend they aren't afraid and act cool or tough in front of their friends so occasionally we have someone be dumb and yell at us or whatever, but most everyone is soo kind and welcoming.

Maui sounds really nice! good use a dip in the ocean or pool or whatever haha. the mission home has a pool but no one uses it. joao the turtle lives in the mission home yard. we make all our own food, so i eat decently haha. its just like being a college kid. lots of pasta, eggs, pb&j, cereal, and burgers;) i ate this weird stew at a restaurant though. found out it was just like chopped up pig and veggies. i ate the ear which wasn't awful. but elder ball ate the snout! like you could see exactly what it was and he just went for it!!!! siblings, the week sounds fun and eventful! love hearing about all the football games! miss that, but the reports from you all will suffice! well that's all for this week. sorry i am emailing today. yesterday was a holiday so everything is closed so we are able to talk and teach a lot more people so we moved pday to today, but its back tomonday next week! much love everyone. thanks for the emails, love, support, and prayers!

Elder Hruby

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