Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 12: Maputo

Dear Everyone,
I guess we can consider this 3 months down! Another week of hard work for sure. This week was better than last week, but of course as a missionary every week has its troubles. Last monday we just emailed, bought groceries, and sat around at the house. I did fall asleep for about 45 minutes which was really nice! The only bummer is no one a my house likes to do anything athletic, so they just sit around. However, today I am making them go play Gator Ball (kind of a mix between soccer and lax) because I cant do another day of sitting in
the house haha. Tuesday was Zone Conference all day. It was great! A nice break from routine, and we got to learn from President Kretly for 8 hours. Oh and the lunch they fed us was umpteen times better than the lunches I make myself;) Pres talked about how we are working really hard, but we need to work more effectively. I was stoked when he said that because sometimes with my comp I want to say "I like that you work hard, I really do, but we should work smarter, not harder." Pres went through 3 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. It was cool because he used to get paid bank for giving that presentation to CEO's and now he is giving it to us for free!

So when I got to this area there were 5 elders in the house. Me, Carvalho, Barroso, Mistola, and Khumalo. Mistola went to Angola, and now Carvalho got transferred to another area, so its me, Barroso, and Khumalo as a tri-panionship. It has been a bit frustrating. When it was just me and Barroso he had to let me talk and help teach in the lessons, but now with three elders I am basically left out. Elder Khumalo has only been here a month longer than me, but he is, how can I say this.... very confident in himself and his portuguese.  basically the past 3 days I havent been allowed to talk in the lessons which has been really frustrating. Obviously I am continually learning patience and how to work with people I dont necessarily get along with. his week I could not escape the terrifying fried fish. We had 3 families make us eat at there house this week! The first was just fries they had made, and bread, no biggy. the second was the fish. First of all this house scares me. It is fly infested and the wife doesnt speak a lick of portuguese, only dialect so idk what she is saying, or what she is making for food. I decided to be brave and try the fish. It didnt taste bad, the problem is it is only about a 6in fish and it is cooked whole, scales,eyes,fins,bones and all. that part freaks me out and I hate looking it in the eyes haha. The second problem is there is hardly any meat so idk where to start? And I will not eat the scales and bones like they do so...? The third family fed us rice with some stew. It was pretty good, but again I just try not to look at the food. Afterwards Elder Barroso told me it was frog. I was super sad because I love frogs! but he was just joking!
Saturday we had the wedding and BAPTISM of Domingos and Christina. It was nice. Very simple and focused on the baptism. I didnt baptize either of them. I took a lot of pictures and a couple videos of everyone singing and shouting. I will send them sometime this week! It was cool to see someone I had actually taught be baptized and start their life in the church and towards the temple. Really cool. 
We have Celso and Teresa who are super close to their wedding/baptism on october 11. At least thats the day we are shooting for. Then Arlindo and Anastancia hopefully the 25 of October. The rest are a working in progress, but we did have Americo and Eva accept to live the Law of Chastity and get legally married so thats another we are working on. We met two new families this week who were just osum! They are both just beautiful families that have immense faith and love for the Savior. One of the little 2 year olds girls, Francisca, held my hand the entire time we were at the house teaching, and that was the first lesson we had ever had with them! It made my heart melt haha. I read Jacob ch 5 this week. It took me the whole hour of personal study because I was really trying to understand it. It is a sick chapter! It really makes you realize how much work the Lord puts into His people. If you think about it, we are soooo small in this world. We occupy just a fraction of space and just a blink of time in Gods plan, but He is still completely, fully invested in each one of us personally! Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Well thanks for all the prayers and help this week! Until next Monday!
I love you all!!!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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