Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 14: Beira

With love from BEIRA!!!! I finally made it up to my area! I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am. This week had been insanely busy, but honestly just osum!
Monday we received the transfers and everybody moved areas. Its kinda crazy, you just get your new assignment and have to get yourself there. If you have to fly to your new area they send you a plane ticket, but thats its. You still get yourself to the airport and to the new house! Pretty wild haha. For me I had to stay the night with the APs because I did my documents on Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening I flew up to Beira. It was only about an hour flight, but I passed out the whole time of course. Any chance I get to sleep here I take haha. I got to the house around 11pm and just said hi to the elders and unpacked my pillow and passed out.
My new comp, Elder Ipsen, is great. He is from Sandy and went to Brighton. He is super outdoorsy and loves biking. He is pretty calm and a relaxed guy. It is really nice to have an English speaking comp! The house has 6 Elder, including myself. Elders Hatfield, Katao, Shumway, and Hillman. It is a pretty stacked house, they are all sick. We have a good time. We laugh a lot and actually have fun at the house. For example, today they actually wanted to do stuff on P-day so we went fishing with a member. We were fishing for crocs but we didnt get any, only saw where they where. After this we are going to eat at Muslim Mondays. Its a local restaurant that is run by Muslims haha. So ya, my experiences up here are a little different than last transfer.

The new area is solid. We had a wedding and baptism this saturday. I felt justified counting them as my investigators since a couple I had taught all last transfer was getting married this saturday as well and I wasnt there to see it. This couple, Manuel and Laquisimine (Yes I am positive thats how you spell her name), are super osum. They are
really nice, and they have money too so they had a nice wedding. We got like zero work done Saturday becasue of the wedding. We had to set up the chapel, and had to fill the baptismal font. It sucked cause the
power was out so we had no AC and no faucet for the font. The power had already gone out 3 times since I have been here. I have had to take showers using a 2 litre of coke filled with well water:) I love Africa. After the wedding we were invited to the reception, which Pres. Kretly says we have to go to if invited (I am not one to argue). It was bomb food. So , like I said we didnt get much work in on Saturday. But the rest of the week we have been going hard. The area
is in dire need of new families. We only have 2 legit families right now so we are working really hard to find those families that are ready to hear our message. It is going to be a lot of work this transfer, but really fun with Elder Ipsen and we will get to see all of the progress of the area as we work hard.

We had a really sweet lesson last night with Nido. His wife is a little bit reserved about sitting with us so she didnt sit in on the lesson last night. We taught the Restoration. When we started talking about the Great Aostasy you could see his mind start turning and he said it made sense that the true church was taken from the Earth, but he wanted to know when it was coming back and how. Elder Ipsen and I just looked at each other and smiled. We explained the First Vision and the full Restoration and his eyes just lit up. It was so sweet! He cant wait to meet with us again, and says he wants us to help his wife care about religion a bit more. Should be a good new family.

I already have a strong testimony of prayer, but there is always room to grow. This week my testimnony was definitely stregthened. A lot of our investigators we have to teach how to really pray. And for me, the most important thing is for them to honestly recognize that they are literally talking to Heavenly Father. When we say a prayer, a real prayer with real intent, God literally listens to every word we say and actually cares. The most supreme, all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect being in the existence of ever, hears each one of us individually and sincerely responds in His own ways and in His wise timing. Pretty powerfull blessing prayer is.

Other stuff from the week... Oh my shoes are holding up. No need to send new ones. I can get them patched up here or buy new ones for under $20. Mom I could use some quick recipies, but I only have about 30 minutes to cook them so ya. Last night Katao and I did face masks together. Like the beauty spa ones. Twas nice honestly. It is super hot here in my area. The humidity is outrageous and they say its only
gonna get worse:( I am getting quite the stupid missionary tan lines haha. Well other than that I cant think of anything more right now. I love you all and thank you for everything! Until next week.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby
The best picture from Elder Hruby thus far!

The wedding Elder Hruby talked about attending this week

At a baptism

Facemasks with the roomies
Adventures in the jungle on P-Day

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